About us

Welcome to Unique Flora –the luxury faux flower boutique and professional florists are working exclusively with high-end premium quality silk flowers. We believe every artificial stem must meet our exceptional standards to become the exquisite perfect match. We work with many private and commercial clients ranging from homes, offices and hotels to weddings, events and parties.

As a passionate professional florist experienced, we bring ten years of florist’s experience in providing fresh and silk flowers.

We source and deal with the top of the line silk flowers, knowing what to look for and equip your event with the suitable flowers. Buying flowers from Unique Flora means that you get an extremely selective range of artificial flowers. We are continually adding to our collection as we unearth only the finest stems available. Let our floral experts find the perfect floras for your place and occasion.

We creating something truly special, challenging the norm to bring you designs that are tailored specifically to you. We believe that by working and understanding an interior space, you can bring a room to life with exceptional creative floral display. 

Working exclusively with high and premium quality silk flowers. We believe every artificial stems must be to our exceptional standard and exquisite perfect match for fresh. All of our arrangements are designed with lot of love and made by hand…Every piece created with exceptional attention to details to meet the specific needs of our client base – a combination of property Developers, Interior designers, Event Venues, Corporate Hire Companies and Private Clients.

Working with silk flowers offers a number of advantages. They are affordable and they also last significantly longer than any fresh flowers ever could. They require very little care and it’s usually no more than a bit of dust removal. Artificial flowers don’t need water but they are better off kept out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources. The sun can cause them to fade and heat can cause damage for obvious reasons. Silk blooms are also perfect for people who suffer from allergies since they are completely free of pollen.